Welcome to Uzbekistan — an oasis of peace, a land where ancient history and liberal culture converge. The leading cities of the famous Silk Road — Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva are located in Uzbekistan. 

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Communication in Uzbekistan

Useful information about communication services in Uzbekistan, public telephones, mobile phones, internet, post office and other services.

If you want to make an international call in Uzbekistan, it is best to do it in a telephone office which can be usually found next to a post office or from card phones; long distance calls at business centers of hotels can be quite expensive. Local calls are free of charge if made from private landline telephones; hotels sometimes charge a small rate. 

Public Phones
Public phones are not common in Uzbekistan, however you may find coins and card operated telephones on streets in Tashkent. The coin itself is called a "zheton", and it is sold in some newspaper-stands, kiosks, etc. The card phones, also called "taksophon" (prepaid phones) can be used to make both local and long distance calls. The prices for cards vary in the number of units, which are set differently by UZtelecom. 

Telephone Directory
Any time you want to know the telephone number of some organization or person, you can call 09 or 140 09 09 and ask by the name of the organization or last name/address of a person. 

Mobile Phones
GSM 900 network is provided by a number of companies, such as Beeline, UCell . CDMA network is also in use and provided by Perfectum mobile. Coverage is limited to certain areas around major cities. There are roaming charges with some western providers. (You can find out with your local provider). In order to get a SIM card for local operators you need to go to the main branches of operators or ask assistance at hotel concierge due to strict subscription rules for foreigners. 

Internet Services
There are numerous Internet service providers in Uzbekistan. In hotels, restaurants, and some shops you can find free Wi-Fi internet zones. There are also many internet cafes around downtown. Mobile phone operators also offer 3G USB Modem Internet services in Tashkent.

Postal & Courier Services
If you are sending a letter or a package you have to go to the post office, or use the Hotel services. If in Tashkent, it is better to go to main post office called Glavpochtamt near Dedeman hotel or the one at the Tashkent Northern Railway Station. 

Post office hours are Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00. The Main Post Office in Tashkent is open daily from 9:00-7:00 and located on 7, Shahrisabskaya Street. Visitors can also use the post offices situated in the major hotels. There are also a number of international courier services based in major cities.

Your package will be checked for its content, weighed and put in the mail. Stamped envelopes can be bought from post offices and book shops.