Bike Tours to Uzbekistan

This amazing, all encompassing journey explores Uzbekistan by bike and discovers at handle bar level this friendly land. Without a doubt cycling is one of the finest ways to explore a country and to appreciate the contrasting desert and mountain landscapes that characterise this fascinating region. Pedalling at a steady pace we journey across the red sand desert of Kyzyl-Kum. Spend nights in tents, relaxing under a spectacular dome of stars. Discover the traditional way of life of the local people in the Nurata Mountains and visit Stone and Bronze Age petroglyphs etched into the black rock faces of the Sarmysh Gorge. Our complete service includes comfortable geared bikes and backup vehicle. Discover Samarkand, the grand capital of the conqueror Tamerlane, and admire the grace of the blue-tiled Registan. Explore Bukhara, whose ancient city centre is a maze of mud-walled homes, mosques and stone bazaars.

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