Welcome to Uzbekistan — an oasis of peace, a land where ancient history and liberal culture converge. The leading cities of the famous Silk Road — Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva are located in Uzbekistan. 

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Hotels in Bukhara

Asia Bukhara Hotel

Asia Bukhara Hotel ****

Address: 53, Shokhrukh Str., Samarkand city
Distance to: Mekhtar Ambar Str., Bukhara
Single room: 65$
Double room: 105$
Deluxe: 110$

Breakfast included

Zargaron Plaza Hotel

Zargaron Plaza Hotel ****

Address: 256, B.Naqshbandi street, Bukhara
Distance to: City center: 1 km Airport: 8 km Train station: 6 km
Reference point: The hotel is located 10 min away from Registan Square, which is Samarkand city center.
Standard Room Sgl.: 75$
Standard Room Dbl.: 85$
Luxe: 125$

Breakfast included

Bukhara Palace Hotel

Bukhara Palace Hotel ****

Address: 8, Navoi Avenue, 205016, Bukhara
Single: 75$
Double (Twin): 105$
Luxe (1 pax): 125$
Luxe (2 pax): 190$

Breakfast included

Omar Hayam Hotel

Omar Hayam Hotel ***

Address: 7, Khakikat Street, Bukhara
Single.: 65$
Double: 80$
Triple: 95$
Deluxe double: 95$
Apartments: 145$

Breakfast included

Minzifa Boutique Guest House

Minzifa Boutique Guest House ***

Address: 63, Eshoni Pyr Str., Bukhara

Single: 60$
Double: 75$
Triple: 90$

Breakfast included

Salom Inn Guest House

Salom Inn Guest House

Address: 3, Saraffon Street, Bukhara
Single room: 55$
Double room: 80$
Triple: 95$

Breakfast included

Amelia Boutique Hotel

Amelia Boutique Hotel ***

Address: 1, Bozor Hoja street, Bukhara
Deluxe Single: 50$
Junior Suite Single: 60$
Deluxe Double: 65$
Junior Suite Double: 75$

Breakfast included

Amulet Madrassah Hotel

Amulet Madrassah Hotel ***

Address: 73, Nakshbandi Str., 705016, Bukhara
Single: 50$
Double: 75$
Triple: 95$

Breakfast included

Lyabi House Hotel

Lyabi House Hotel ***

Address: 7, Khusainov Street, Bukhara
Single: 55$
Double: 75$
Triple: 110$

Breakfast included

Caravan Hotel

Caravan Hotel ***

Address: 6, Khoja Nurabad Str., Bukhara
Standard Single Room: 45$
Standard Double Room: 65$
Standard Triple Room: 80$

Breakfast included

Sasha & Son Guest House

Sasha & Son Guest House ***

Address: 3, Eshoni Pyr Street, Bukhara
Single Room: 65$
Double Room: 80$

Breakfast included

Akbar Guest House

Akbar Guest House ***

Address: 22 Eshoni Pir Street 200118 Bukhara
Single room for one guest : 50$
Double room for two guests: 70$

Breakfast included

Farkhad & Maya Hotel

Farkhad & Maya Hotel ***

Address: 19, Nakshbandi Str., Bukhara city
Standard Room Sgl.: 55$
Standard Room Dbl.: 75$
Standard Room Tpl: 100$

Breakfast included

Hotel Asl, Bukhara

Hotel Asl, Bukhara ***

Address: 100 B. Nakshband str, Bukhara city, Uzbekistan
Single room for one guest: 45$
Double room for two guests.: 65$

Breakfast included

Avicenna Hotel

Avicenna Hotel ***

Distance to: Mirdustim street 216/1, Bukhara
Standard Single: 70$
Standard Double: 85$
Semi-luxe: 110$
Deluxe: 130$

Breakfast included

Malika Bukhara Hotel

Malika Bukhara Hotel ***

Address: 25, Shaumyana Str., Bukhara city

Single room : 50$
Double room : 70$

Breakfast included

Zargaron Guest House

Zargaron Guest House ***

Address: 3, Haqiqat Street, Bukhara
Single: 55$
Double: 70$

Breakfast included

K. Komil Boutique Hotel

K. Komil Boutique Hotel ***

Address: Bukhara, 40 Barakiyon str
Single room: 60$
Double room: 80$
Triple room: 95$

Breakfast included

Devon Begi Hotel

Devon Begi Hotel ***

Address: 95, Mekhtar Anbar str, Bukhara
Single: 70$
Double/Twin: 80$
Triple: 110$

Breakfast included

Hotel Porso

Hotel Porso **

Address: Bukhara, 18, Galaba str
Single room: 45$
Double Room: 65$
Triple Room: 85$

Hotel Xasan-Gavhar

Hotel Xasan-Gavhar **

Address: Bukhara, 18, Galaba str
Single: 45$
Double/Twin: 65$
Triple: 80$