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Charvak, Chimgan, Beldersay

CHARVAK (See our tour: Uzbekistan Rural life of Uzbek village tour)

In the mountains of Tashkent region there is a place called “Charvaq”. ”Charvaq” is a village Charvaq and Charvakhydro power plant and Charvak reservoir, which is located on the banks of the numerous resorts, recreation areas and children’s summer sports camps, and the magnificent mountains of the western Tien Shan with many tourist routes and trails, waterfalls, caves , gorges, walnut groves and orchards. Charvak reservoir is located in Bostanlik area in the north of Tashkent region. It is located on the river Chirchik downstream from the confluence of the rivers Pskem and Chatcal between the Chatkal and Ugam spurs of western Tien Shan ridges. The reservoir is formed by bulk-rock dam height of 168 meters. The capacity of the reservoir is about 2 cubic meters. km. The water surface area of the lake is more than 37 km ², a coastline of about a hundred miles away. The level of the reservoir is significantly reduced in the summer time, as its water is used for irrigation farming in the Chirchic valley. The reservoir is surrounded by green slopes of mountains, snow-topped. The lake is fed with waters of the wild mountain rivers Ugham, Chatkal and Pskem. The reservoir is inhabited with such fish as carp, marina, trout, whitefish, peled. Around the lake right on the mountain slopes the ring road passes , which is lined with all kinds of recreation and children’s camps. They are located near the Bogustan, Brichmulla, Yangikurgan, Yusuphana villages. The largest recreation area is “Chorvoq Oromgohi“, near the Yusuphana village. At this point Charvak coast is turned into a comfortable beach. At your service – a comfortable hotel – “Pyramids” with cozy rooms, restaurants, bars and conference room. Charvac cost is famous with its equipped beaches, sports and playgrounds, dock for windsurfing or catamaran. Here you can swim, walk in the surrounding hills and mountains, as well as paragliding, or a ride on a scooter, and of course, see the incredible sunrises and sunsets. In the Charvak area there is a large number of the oldest historical and archaeological sites of Uzbekistan. In particular, near the reservoir on the Paltau river there is prehistoric people sites. Petroglyphs (rock carvings) depicting hunting scenes and animals is than can boast Bostanlyk area. A modern urban village-Charvaq in Bostanlik area is the end of the railroad line from Tashkent. The village was founded in 1964 in connection with the construction of hydropower plant Chorvoq. The village is located in the immediate vicinity of the ancient village Hodzhikent. Hodzhikent means “holy town.” The historic core of Hodzhikent – spring with thousand-plane trees on the left bank of the Chirchik. Another interesting historical site located on the shore of the reservoir is Bogiston village, which is home to two outstanding people. Hovendi Sheikh al-Tahur (Sheikhantaur) was born here in the 13th century. His mausoleum is one of the main historical and architectural attractions in Tashkent. Here, in Bogiston was born Sheikh Ubaidullah Ahror – a distant descendant of Sheikh al-Hovendi Takhur (Sheykhantaur). Ubaydulla Ahror was a great master of Sufi Muslim cleric and leader of the region in the XV century.


Mountainous region of Chimgan is located 110-120 km from Tashkent. This beautiful place is worth seeing for those who likes to feel the harmony with nature, to gateway from daily routine live and have some time to think about one's own place in life given by god for such a short time. This could be one of the reasons why people like Chimgan and Beldersay so much. These are two places which offers something anytime of the year. The bubbling mountain streams, the lull of the warbling birds and the dark-green slopes of the majestic mountains fascinate people in the summer and offers slopes covered with snow during the winter. There is also a private rent of skis, snowboards, sledges, etc. here. Chimgan is the ideal place for a winter parties, this is why one can find everything for relaxation - three decent cafes, discos flash out simultaneously in three places. As demand for quality accommodation grows it provides a healthy room for supply of good hotel.

Trip to bike by mountain in Chimgan


If Chimgan is matchless in the nomination "The best for amateurs", then Beldersay is a leader in the nomination "The best for professionals". It has the best luxury type hotel in mountains of Uzbekistan , the longest cable-chair way in Asia (extension - 3.5km), and has a lot of fresh air and plenty of snow. People return here again and again, as if pulled by a magnet. The cable-chair way works everyday. Very often, having sat on the lower station in fog, we get off to the blinding sunlight in the upper station. The clouds remain below us. The emotions that fill each person who climbed here can be compared to the delight of a first airplane flight. The skiers and snowboarders ride on the Kumbel Mountain , which is surrounded by mountains from every quarter. Of late the Kumbel peak has become a paradise for the paraplane lovers. These people are unusual, romantic and impulsive, real "sky bikers". If you are lucky, you will see the blue sky coloured in bright canopies. The flights on Kumbel will become more intense by summer when there will be good upstream of air. However, practice and training flights do take place in winter here. There is a place in Beldersay tract where one can stay for a long time. This is "Beldersay" Hotel and "Beldersay Oromgohi" recreation zone seminars


Established in 1990 between the Ugam and the Chatkal ridges of the Western Tien-Shan Mountains, the park occupies a territory of over 574,000 hectares. Unique landscapes of the Pskem, Ugam and Chatkal gorges, steep slopes abounding in screes and rocky walls hundreds of meters high; glaciers and mountain summits of almost 4,500 meters, with the highest of them Peak Beshtop; icy cold and crystal clear mountain rivers and waterfalls. Speaking of sports, rafting along the Chatkal and Pskem rivers refers to the fifth category of complexity. Numerous routes of tourists, speleologists and mountain climbers cross the territory of the National Park. The most picturesque and largest of them are Lake Badak, lakes Urungach and Ikhnach on the Pskem River, Lake Sarykan and Lake Blue in the valley of the Koksu River. Wind erosion worked hard here, giving fantastic shapes to some rocks that can justly be referred to as the monuments of nature. Among these are the White Rocks of marl and limestone below the Akshurang Pass, and conglomerate outliers in the ancient terraces of mountain valleys. The Table Mountain in a spur of the Chatkal Range between the Kara-archa and Seriali-sai Mountain Rivers is one of the unique monuments of nature not only in Western Tien-Shan but also in the entire country. It is known as Pultkhan Plateau and ii 2,826 meters high. The complex terrain and varicolored vegetation are supplemented by a rich persity of wildlife. The National Park is home to 24 species of mammals, over 120 species of birds and a lot of species of various invertebrate. The Ugam-Chatkal National Park is a paradise for tourists and travelers. There some of them can test their strength and challenge the mountaintops and fast mountain rivers, while others can enjoy the quietude of nature and clean air a water.

Mountainous region of Chimgan