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Uzbekistan Rural life of Uzbek village tour

Rural and ecological tours in Uzbekistan: total  immersion to local life and traditions.
We invite you to discover some unexplored regions of  Uzbekistan, places less visited by tourists, where the charm and traditions of the past are well conserved.  We made this program of unbeaten passes. We hope, this new discover will bring you an enthusiasm. The charm of these meetings will be punctuated by a traditional home stay, slightly rustic where your indulgence is in order.  But, your hosts will be happy to do the maximum in order to receive you as guests.

Some practical information:

As the roads aren’t marked, our mountain guide will accompany us safely.
The best time is late March to mid June and from August to November.
Difficulties of tracking: Low-medium.
 Families welcome you for a few days in the pretty villages. You ascend rivers to sink into the mountain where you can observe wild horses and eagles. The people settled in mountainous areas have planted fruit tree orchards and walnut trees in the valleys near the mountain rivers. Irrigation systems are still at the base of the beauty of this green landscape, centuries old. You'll stay with really nice and open people who know how to share with noticeable pleasure all the secrets of their village and the surrounding mountains. Life is simpler, and we find that feeling of calm and relaxation often lost in the cities! In summer, travelers can choose to sleep on the tapchans in the gardens or in the rooms. Taptchan is a place where we can sleep in peace without being importuned by insects in summer. From all guest house, short hikes of one to three hours can be taken into the mountains to visit waterfalls, petroglyphs, ancient ruins or simply to admire the flora and fauna and breathtaking views. The setting is enchanting, and contact with the local people is very easy.
This program also includes cultural visits of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and a bucolic halt in nature will make you appreciate the other facet of Uzbekistan.

To see:


Tour 1

Day 1: Tashkent-Termez
Transfer to the airport. Flight to Termez. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Visit the Archaeological Museum which showcases different historical periods, from the origins of the region until Cheybanides through Buddhism and Tamerlane. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Termez
Visit the Buddhist monastery of Kara Tepe, wich is unique in Central Asia. Its visit will be possible depending on local conditions and subject to obtaining necessary permits.
Visit the archaeological site of Fayaz Tepe, wich contains the remains of an ancient temple and a Buddhist monastery. Visit the memorial complex Khakimi-At-Termezi (XI-XV centuries) wich  is the main shrine of Termez. Visit the third Buddhist archaeological site, wich is characterized by the remains of the Zourmala tower (16m), located in 3 kms south - east of the ancient city. The Sultan-Saodat complex (XII-XVII centuries) houses the tomb of the Emir Hussein, 5th descendant of the Prophet; Kirk Kiz (IX-X centuries), "nunnery". Overnight at the hotel.

DAY 3: Termez – Boysun
Morning excursion to Kampyr Tepe, a  city wich was founded by soldiers of Alexander the Great, then up the valley of Sherobod Dariya, before making a stop at the foot of the citadel of Tafka, former customs. Continue to Boysun, large village dominated by the massive Gur Gur Ata, whose fortress has became famous in history for having resisted the attacks of Alexander the Great. Alexander concludes a pact with the local king and he marries his daughter, the famous Roxane. Lunch and walk in the market and little excursion into the surrounding mountains. Overnight in Boysun at home stay.

DAY 4: Boysun
Visit the craft center of Boysun traditional embroidery to know. Caps, carpets, traditional fabrics "janda". Walk in the market with fruits and vegetables. Drive to visit the home of a Guimbardier: visit his workshop; learning the game of the Jew's harp. Dinner and overnight at homestay.

DAY 5: Boysun - Katta Langar
Drive to Derbent, large village today but in ancient times, was a stronghold that also resisted to the Greek-Macedonian armies. Passage near the Iron Gates, whose foundations date back to the Hellenistic period and which have been restored several times in both the Greco-Bactrian Kushan eras that before recently upset by the route of a railway line . Crossing the Pass Oqrobat and entered the Kashkadariya Valley. Lunch in local restaurant on your way to Katta Langar. Afternoon excursion in Katta Langar valley and visit the village, it’s beautiful sixteenth-century mosque and the mausoleum of Muhammad Sodiq sheykh perched above the village. Dinner and overnight at homestay.

DAY 6: Ghissar Mountains

The day is dedicated to the discovery walk of Ghissar Mountains. We take a track to reach the starting point of our trek and start the climb that mountain (2300 m). From the top we have stunning views of the chains of Ghissar Mountains with its peaks covered with eternal snow. From the Maidanak observatory, we have a beautiful view of the peaks. Return to village of Langar in the late afternoon. Dinner and overnight at homestay.

DAY 7: Ghissar Mountains
Today we leave for another day of hiking through the mountains Ghissar. Along the way we visit the villages of Katta-tol, Kizil-kishlak Kipchigay and the average age of the population is 90 years. This is an opportunity to go to meet the locals and share their knowledge of wildlife and especially the magical flora of the region, still used by the villagers as traditional medicine. No doubt the secret of their longevity.  Return  to the village of Katta Langar Ota. Dinner and overnight at homestay.

DAY 8: Katta Langar Ota - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand
In the morning we continue our road to Samarkand. On the way, we discover Shakhrisabz, the hometown of Tamerlan, including the White Palace Ak-Sarai, the largest architectural monument in Chakhrisabz, Kok Gumbaz Mosque and the Mausoleum Gumbazi-Seidan, built by Ulugbek, the grand-son of Tamerlan. Arrive to Samarkand. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

DAY 9: Samarkand -TASHKENT 300 km (by train)
Full day of sightseeing of Samrkand.  In the afternoon, transfer to the station to take the high speed trains "Afrosiyob". Departure at 17:00, arrival to Tashkent at 19:10 (time given for information). And transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Tour 2
Day 1: Tashkent-Urgench – Khiva
Arrival to Tashkent. Discover the capital of Uzbekistan: The Panoramic tour of the modern part of Tashkent: Independence Square, Amir Temur Square, Theatre Square, subway stations which are decorated by the greatest artists of the country with a particular theme, and walk in the neighborhood of "Broadway".  Evening flight to Urgench.  Arrival to Urgench. Transfer to Khiva (35 km).  Accommodation. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 2: Khiva
City tour around Ichan-Kala architectural complex (12—19th c.), the Residence of the last Khan including Ismail Khodja Mausoleum, Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah, Kunya-Ark Castle (16—17th c.), Kalta Minor tower, Tash-Hovli Palace (19th c.), Pahlavan Mahmud Mausoleum (14—18th c.), Juma Mosque (10th c.). Lunch. Dinner. Overnight in Khiva.

Day 3: Khiva - Bukhara via the desert Kizyl Koum

Breakfast in hotel. Drive to Bukhara via Kizil-Kum desert along Caravan road, (450 km, 6—7 hrs). Arrival in Bukhara, accommodation in the hotel. Free time. Dinner. Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 4: Bukhara
Breakfast in hotel. City tour: Citadel Ark (4th c. BC), Mosque Bolo-Khauz (beg. of 20th c.), Mausoleum of Samanids (9—10th c.), Chashma Ayub (14th c.), complex Poi Kalon, which consist of Minaret Kalyan (12th c.), Kalyan mosque (12th c.), Miri Arab madrassah (16th c.), 3-rd Trade Dome (16th c.), Ulughbek's Madrassah (15th c.), 2-nd Trade Dome (16th c.), Magoki Attari mosque (14th c.), 1-st Trade Dome (16th c.), Lyabi Khovuz ensemble (14-17th c.), which consist of a pool, Honako of Nodir Divan Begi, Kukeldash madrassah, Nodir Divan Begi madrassah. Lunch in city. Dinner in traditional Uzbek house. Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 5: Bukhara
Breakfast in hotel. Continuation of city tour: walking through the old streets, Chor Minor (18th c.). Tour outside the city: Emir's Summer Residence Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa (19th c.), visit to the Bahouddin Nakshbandi mausoleum (16-19th c.), to the sepulchers of his mother and his preceptor (14th c.). Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 6: Bukhara - Nurata – Aydarkul lake (250 km)
After breakfast departure to Nurata. On the way, 50 km from Bukhara you visit the famous center of traditional ceramics in Gijduvan, where prominent people like Prince of Wales, Charles, Mrs. Hillary Clinton and other celebrities used to come and buy Uzbek ceramics from the ceramics workshop and museum. City tour in Nurata: visit old mosque with holy spring water and fish, the castle of Alexander the Great. Lunch at local restaurant main menu Tanduri Barra (spicy lamb cooked in special oven), after lunch Departure to Aydarkul. Accomodation in yurts (national house of Kazakh people). Camel riding, Sunset watching, Dinner at fire and Kazakh Akin (singer), overnight in the yurts. Food is served in accordance with Oriental tradition; tourists sit at the table (dastarkhan) on the kurpachas (mattresses) around the dastarkhan. Aydarkul Lake : situated in the eastern part of the Kyzyl-Kum . For more than 200 km ( 125 miles ) the lake stretches through the desert within sight of the Nuratin Mountains . The width of the Lake is about 5 km and the depth is 15 m . The water in the lake is salty and there are many fish. The fauna is also very rich.

DAY 7: Aydarkul lake - Uhum Village (130 km)
Departure to the mountain village of Ukhum, located in the Nurata Mountains. Arrive and accommodation  in guest house. Discover of the village of Ukhum with warm and hospitable people. Visit the school and families. Dinner. Overnight at homestay.

Day 8: Uhum Village -Hayot Village
Breakfast at the Guest House. Departure on foot to the village High Uhum (2 hours), on the way visiting rock drawing. Lunch. Continuing  to hike to the village Hayat. Climb to the village by the Uhum valley, then walk to Guzar and Sari Bedak passes. We will have a beautiful view of the village Hayat since Karaul summit. Arrive to Hayat. Relax in the shady garden on. Dinner and overnight at homestay.

Day 9: Hayot Village- Majrum Village- Sentob Village
Transfer by car to the Majrum village. Visit of "nature's monument", a centennial tree "arbor vitae". Hike to the village Sentob. Visit the village: ruins of an ancient fortress, the mosque, the silkworm in May. Dinner and overnight at homestay.
The picturesque village of Sintob is located in the hollow of a green canyon, real contrast to the arid mountain slopes, which gives its charm and mystery. The villagers lead their own way of life, the children go to scool, adults - livestock and grow fruits and vegetables, artisans make traditional items. The setting is enchanting, and contact with the local people is very easy, which share with pleasure the secrets of the village and mountains.

Day 10: Excursion to lake Fozilmon
Long hiking day to Lake Fozilmon (6 hours walking). On the way visit rock drawing. Picnic.  Return to Sentob.
Option: for those who are well experienced walkers, there is the possibility to make a loop without repeating the same road, passing both difficult passages, and taking into account the running time (9 hours walking). A splendid view of the endless steppe of Central Asia. Dinner and overnight at homestay.

DAY 11: Sentob-Samarkand (200kms)
Drive to Samarkand. Arrival and accommodation.  start sightseeing of  Samarkand, a magical name and almost mythical city that fascinates. Contemporary Babylon and Rome, the "Marakanda" of the Greeks is one of the oldest cities in the world since more than 3000 years of history and with glorious period in the 14th century when the emperor Tamerlan made it "the Oriental Pearl”. Samarkand was the hub of trade on the Silk Road and the main city of the ancient Sogdiana. Visit Registan Square. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 12: Samarkand
Guided tour in the capital of Tamerlan: Ulughbek Observatory (15th c.), Excavations and museum of the ancient city of Afrosiab, Architectural complex Shakhi-Zindeh (11-15th c.), Mausoleum Guri Emir — Tamerlane's Tomb (14-15th c.), Bibi-Khonum Mosque, market place. Registan square — Medreseh Ulughbek (15th c.), Medreseh Shir-Dor (17th c.), Medreseh Tilla-Kori (17th c.). Overnight at hotel.

DAY 13: Samarkand-Tashkent (310 km)
Last day discovery of silk paper workshop, which still operates according to ancestral techniques. In the afternoon, transfer to the station. Departure by high speed train at 17:00, arrival in Tashkent at 19:10 (time given for information). Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Tour 3

Day 1: Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Ayakchi (140+50 km)
Departure to visit Shakhrisabz. Excursion to Shakhrisabz, the birthplace of Tamerlane. Visit of the ruins of the White Palace - Ak Saray (XIV century) which served as the summer residence for the Great conqueror, the necropolis provided by Timur for its descendants, which still conserves the Crypt of Timur and the mausoleum of Jakhongir, his eldest son. Behind the walls of the mausoleum is the Khazrati Imam (Saint Imam) mosque located that is dating from the 19th century. Which completes the architectural ensemble (Dorus Saodat) (The Abode of Power). Finally we visit the Dorut Tyllawat complex, which consists of two mausoleums (the mausoleum of Cheikh Chamseddin Kulal (14th century) and the mausoleum Gumbazi Saidon (15th c.)) And the Kuk mosque Gumbaz (XV century). Lunch with the inhabitant. Departure towards the village Ayakchi which is at the foot of the mountain Zarafchan (50 km). Installation. Walk in the village. Homestay.

Day 2: Ayakchi
Starting point of the hike-climb (1000 meters) of 2 hours of walk towards the mountain lake (7 km). Very nice day of walking. During the hike it is possible to discover the village surrounded by crops. We cross flocks of goats and sheep and then descend to the river Ayakchi. Possible swimming (depending on the season) in a pot of the river, fishing trout for the amateurs and lunch by the river. Return to the village. Taking a bath in a river near the house. Dinner and night at the inhabitants’ houses.

Day 3: Ayakchi – Tersak
Hiking starting from 4-5 hours in the mountains towards the Burkov and Olmashait peaks (1980 meters). Meeting with villagers, herders and farmers. Lunch during the hike. In the afternoon you will pass by the passes Kamchinbuta and Chuqurqoton. Arrival in Tersak and accomodation with the director of the school of the village which will give you opportunity to share a dinner with family.

Day 4: Tersak - Samarkand
At dawn, we say goodbye to our guests. The last houses of the village, surrounded by fields, are stretched along the river. Our hike continues between wide valleys and small valleys, but still in the crest line, to the Takhra Karacha pass (1900 m), from where we discover a panoramic view of the snow-covered Pamir Alay chain nearby. Picnic at the pass. Throughout the day, the encounters are numerous because the hills are very lively: horses, sheep and goats graze under the attentive eye of the shepherds, fields, thanks to the irrigation canals, are grown on the small flatlands. The descent into the valley of Tersak sometimes savage, sometimes cultivated is magnificent. Arrival at the village; The inhabitants are always a little surprised that we arrived so far, they welcome us warmly. Our minibus is waiting for us. Immediate transfer to Samarkand (45 km).
7 to 8 hours of easy walk. M: 1200 m.

Price includes:
•    Transport: Minibus (or individual car) adapted to the size of the group.
•    Accommodation: in guest house (local norms) and in the inhabitants’ houses.
•    Meals: full board at the inhabitant (local restaurants,).
•    Local accompany guide.
•    Mountain guide
•    Museum and site entries
Travel possible for groups starting from 2 people. The number of participants can reach up to 12 people

Tour 4
Hiking in Uzbekistan - Tyan Shan
This circuit has been designed for a superb hike in the Tyan Shan massif, a beautiful hike in the mountains.

Day 1- Tashkent - Tyan Shan Mountains - Aksakatasay River
Road to Gazalkent (50km, 1h drive), then to the village of Uchbau (16km, 30mn of road). We begin our hike along the Chekchim River to the confluence of the Aksakatasay and Nurekatasay rivers (2h30 walk). Picnic lunch. Then we go up the Aksakatasay gorge and follow the river of the same name to the point of convergence of Kashkasu and Aksakatasay (1350-1400m). Dinner at the camp.
6h walking / Type of accommodation: in tent / Transfer: Privatized vehicle, 1h30

Day 2 - Aksakatasay - Takhta Pass - Karangur Creek
We climb up the Kachkasu River to the Takhta Pass (2400m). Picnic lunch. We finish our walk towards the Karangur creek where we camp, at an altitude of 2250m. Dinner at the camp.
7h walking / Height difference: 1000 m / Type of accommodation: in tent

Day 3 - Karangur - Karangur summit - Jar and Mingjilki mountains
We climb to Karangur summit (2940m) where we discover a fantastic panorama on the ridges of Chatkal, Pskem and the Great Chimgan, and the many summits over 4000m. Picnic lunch. We descend through Mount Jar (2936m) and Mount Mingjilki to the camp site (2600m). Dinner at the camp.
7h of walk/  Vertical drop +: 690 m / Vertical drop -: 340 m / Type of accommodation: in tent

Day 4 - Takhta - Chetkumbel pass - Tashkent
We descend to the place called "Takhta" (2800m). Climb at the foot of the Tchimgan summit (2900m), then join the Chetkumbel pass, perched at 1880m. Visit of the rock petroglyphs. Picnic lunch. We reach the Beldersay cable car and descend to the motorway (1700m). Transfer to Tashkent (70km, 2h drive).
6h walking / Height difference: 300 m / Elevation change:: 1200 m / Type of accommodation: in the hotel / Transfer: Privatized vehicle, 2h

Price includes:
•    This trip is full board: no meals to be paid on site.
•    The three days of walking are fairly sustained but modular according to the level of participants and / or climatic conditions.
•    Walking times are given as an indication. Depending on the level of the participants, the weather and / or the condition of the terrain, they may vary, more or less.
•    In the hiking areas, the nights are in a tent; It will be necessary to share the tent with another participant.
•    Good physical condition.
•    Number of days of activities: 3 days of walking
•    Approximately 4 to 6 hours of walking per day. Elevation gain from 300 to 500 meters.
•    Escort.
•    Transfer and transport of luggage

Number of participants: From 2 to 12 participants
For the price contact us by mail at the address: info@marakandatravel.com